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All Legacy 4 U CD's Artist proceeds donated to Help fight Cancer

All songs: Written, arranged, recorded, performed, and produced by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) Copyright (c) 2003 Ted's Brain? Productions.

Or written, recorded, arranged, produced & performed by Ted Lehman & Randy Bishop. (c) Copyright 2003 Lehman-Bishop Ltd. (ASCAP)

Except where noted:

*Written by Bob Savage, Recorded with permission, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) Copyright (c) 2001

**Written By Rhonda Watson (c) Recorded with permission, Arranged, produced, performed, recorded by Ted Lehman & Randy Bishop (ASCAP) (c) Copyright 2001

***Written by Joni Mitchell Recorded with permission, performed live by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) & Pepperwood Greene (c) Copyright 2002

All Legacy 4 U songs written by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) or Lehman-Bishop LTD. (ASCAP) and recorded, performed, and produced by the artists listed.

A Teds Brain? Production Copyright (c) 2015 Ted Lehman (ASCAP) All rights reserved.

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